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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  February 3, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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snow stops in the mile high from slick streaks abound. >> as temperatures plummet, better conditions for broncos snow sculptures here at home. team prepares in sunny
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championship. >> good evening and thanks are joining us tonight at 9 p.m. i'm jeremy hubbard live in san francisco. five days of the super bowl and have complete coverage of broncos run up to the big game coming up in that first we have to fill you in on the weather. >> the flakes are no longer falling but the temperatures are that is not doing drivers any favors. pinpoint weather tracker hitting the roads tonight show you what the weather is like right now. main streets are okay but side roads are getting really icn flick tonight. it probably will be likely just tomorrow morning during your driving to work or school. >> pinpoint team weather coverage denied dave fraser is here with how cold it's going to get - -dash lynn michael is showing us how helping hand making shoveling snow easier tonight and can't hurt earn all is life with how dangerous roads
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>> those roads will be a concern in the morning because of how cold it will remain overnight. you can see where i am here and if you look out on the road it looks pretty clear. the problem is that all of this will be very slick, morning. >> for some, the hardest part of getting home tonight was getting out of the parking lot. >> as you can see, that is what we dealt with. >> it was frozen shut all the way around. >> there are still plenty of frozen roads as well which led to a few accidents during the evening commute especially on slick special on footbridges and overpasses. but lighter use of traffic meant the roads depended on who you ask. >> they're not bad. >> the roads suck. i have a small cars are car so with a small vehicle it has always been your the slower of the bunch. >> in unexpected flat tire
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even more until some good samaritans came to the rescue. they are angels. it could've changed it. my dad taught me well but with this whether weather i might've freaked out and started crying. >> cdot hopes to prevent drama for the morning commute with another full bunch of plows out tonight and they i hope drivers take precautions also. >> my husband has the a bigger vehicle so i'm probably going to bring back to work tomorrow. >> others are probably ready to hit the road tonight. >> i'm going to hawks game at avalanche game his what a punk game. >> you going to an avalanche game. >> i had to go into work today so that was the next step. >> coming back out here live you can see traffic is moving okay but there's a little bit of accumulation still on the road and cdot told me their goal by morning is to try to get right down to the pavement on all of the interstates just to ensure
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anything else to deal with. for more on that morning commute and what you can expect we're going to go to dave fraser in the toasty warm studio. >> i can say this kent, with the temperatures we're looking at putting extra half hour on the alarm if you've got to be somewhere. we are already in the teens from these bitter cold temperatures we are going to shave another 10 degrees putting the entire state in single digits by first thing tomorrow morning in the mountains a lot of those single digits will be below . the storm system is lifting away and the reason the temperatures will crash is the clouds are clearing and that is the perfect ingredient for those icy roads. i wish i could tell you the snow was going to stay away but it is not. our next storm system is already building just west of san francisco off the west coast and it is on its way to us. we will talk about the next
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how much coming up in the weather forecast. >> shoveling snow is no easy task but for the elderly as can be it can be dangerous and impossible. coming up we will show your program that pairs snow buddies with seniors to make sidewalks safe for all of us. live coverage of the road to the championship. we are now just over four days from the biggest sporting event of the year and fox that he won denver's in the bay area bringing you stories he you won't see anywhere else and our own jeremy hubbard's life in san francisco tonight's. >> you. >> you can see music behind me no doubt remember from 10 years ago when we were in new york city for super bowl 48? there is an air of excitement and buzz in any super bowl city. i am alive near the bay right now in the embarcadero area of san francisco on the waterfront and it has been fully transformed into super bowl city of family-friendly destination with official nfl shops everything for hundreds of thousands of fans in town for the big game.
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joining us .-dot about than ourselves appear the game site itself with more on the game itself where it is not just patent manning and cam peyton manning and cam newton making news tonight but no surprise the news tonight but no surprise von miller right? >> broncos linebacker a big reason why broncos are where they are today but if you take a look back at bond bonds history just a few years ago this was a guy who was missing practices failing drug tests, serving suspensions by the nfl but not anymore. he is all grown up and he owes it to his really good friend and teammate, demarcus ware. >> number 58 is not only a great talent on the field but also a great leader off. >> our leaders said the same when you utah brett 189458. >> down he goes. >> he is the guy organizing team dinners to give buddy hey man come chill at the crib before you get out of town.
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ranked defense. >> with the young guy like von coming into the mix sometime in the fires a little bit low he adds a little bit of gas on that of fire it up. >> while the energy and enthusiasm for the game have always been there, the maturity and appreciation of the game, vaughn admits, have not, not until his mentor demarcus ware showed up last season. >> it's amazing how the guy works. it's a true blessing to have him here. i needed him most at a time in my life where i was going roughly came in and helped me out to get me where i am today. >> where that is today is super bowl 50 teamed up with his mentor is one of the best pass rushing duo's in all of the nfl. >> my brain to his makes me a lot smarter player and being able to use his athleticism. we talked trash and we push each other all the going into the game. >> he has great spirit the only thing he needs is a super bowl and him being my idol and my life on the line for him.
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ring. we will see if they can get that done. it has been really cool to see that a relationship take place there between demarcus and vaughn. a great positive relationship there. not so positive, denver broncos are cynical practice squad player ryan harris, a safety. a putting him on a plane after local report service questioning a possible prostitution sting. a statement from head coach gary kubiak says although safety squad ryan murphy was not cited by police we decided it was best for the team if we can hit continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. broncos obviously trying to avoid any distraction her leading up to the all all-important super bowl sunday putting ryan right on the plane and sending them back to denver and again to be clear, he has not been arrested, only questioned in a prostitution sting here in the bay area.
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there it is behind me. that is the stadium on the outside and i know you've got a chance to do a little bit of a story on the inside of the stadium right now if they get set for super bowl sunday. >> we got a sneak peek at the field conditions today. it was raining and the bay area and that caused to to slow down but they say that is out actually helped create this grass growing condition. they say there's a lot of construction work still to be done before sunday's big game. >> security around levi stadium is tied already a mix of the tried and true and the brand-new and in the form of technology meant to scan, screen and take your tickets. >> it's technologically advanced from a safety perspective. >> and there's technology to advance the game experience. fans will be able to order drinks to their seats, get team equipment and spot their favorite big shots from a celebrity cam and they will be able to watch team replace and all of the commercials from their smart phones.
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to do on their devices, we will be just tested probably more than we ever have been. >> engineers will have only seven minutes to rebuild all of the team's sidelines technology after the halftime show. >> that is always a heart stopping moment because you get it set to work perfectly then you have to break it down for half time and put it all back together. we have engineers hide under the stage. >> they will spend the rest of the week practicing. the halftime pregame and postgame shows also will and teens get their time on the field. >> we've got heavy rehearsals wednesday thursday and friday so those are what we are concerned with now. >> officials say this is one of the best fields they've ever grown. they got they've got a trim and a second pain today. chris will be working around the clock until game day. >> it is why we start our load in early january because there are just so many different layers upon layers that have to get done. >> a good-looking field, high
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technologically savvy venue in all of professional sports. no surprise since it's right there in silicon valley. if you're wondering who is singing the national anthem for the super bowl wonder no more. we found out lady gaga is in fact the person who will be singing. she was asked to be part of the super bowl pregame festivities and it will probably be one of the biggest audiences of her lifetime if not the biggest. last year more than 118 million people watched the game. congratulations to lady gaga. and here at fox 31 denver we want to make your game viewing experience the best it can be on sunday so we have a giveaway going on right now. check this out. you can when a whole lot of broncos goodies to enjoy during the game. things like hats, close, buffalo wild wings gift cards and a slow cooker with the broncos logo on
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said beer can roaster and casserole carrier. we are doing it up and i will tell you how weak and to that contest in the next half hour. i personally could go for the crockpot potato everyone back in denver also could given the weather conditions back there. >> i knew you were eyeing that. still ahead in our road to the championship coverage. >> only on fox 31 denver, broncos running back cj anderson gets to play super bowl 50 in the place he grew up so we catch up with people who know him the best. on you all new and 9:30 p.m., a deadly walk. a dog is killed right in front of his owner. what led to the shocking
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n te
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are some little things you can do to make mail carrier carriers jobs a bit easier after snowstorms. the postal service is asking you to clear the snow and ice from path leading up to your mailbox and if you live in a rural area clear the area around the mailboxes of carriers can ride right up to the box drive right
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since october nearly 50 carriers haven't slept stripped or fallen while on the job. it is a denver law that all sidewalks must be shoveled within 24 hours of a snowstorm. ashley mize closes lower live now in denver with how some people are pitching in to make sure no one gets fined. >> they're called snow buddies but they should call them snow angels. these are volunteers who go out and shovel for others who can't after big snowstorm and after the one we got this weekend, that is a big job. >> if you live in colorado, chances are you know that sound well. >> become out whenever the snow was over an inch or so and make sure the water is passable but walk is passable. >> after the snow we got over the past couple of days, it is hard work and this isn't even their house. >> she's she is my neighbor. i live only about eight blocks away.
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volunteers are shovel sidewalks front steps and dig out cars for senior citizens. >> they are elderly women about age 85, and they can't shovel snow. they are also little bit scared to have a stranger come to the door. >> that is why is nobody program pairs neighbors. you can get to know each other also. >> my old snow but he used to come back and asked me to eat fried chicken. >> the volunteers are here to work outside but it means a lot more than that to the people inside. >> when you can't get out you feel trapped. it it's reassuring to older people to know that someone is looking out for them. that someone will be by to see they can get out of the house that they need to. >> they say that makes all of this worth it. >> i really hope doing this because i hope when i'm 85, somewhat shovel my walk. >> the program is run through they do it all over the metro area but still need about 50 volunteers for this winter season. if you are interested, you can
1:22 am >> that's a great way to get out and help everyone dig out. good news is as we look at live radar the snow has pretty much faded away across colorado, but in its wake, there is a lot out there and there is an avalanche warning. it's a little unstable so it will be up in the colorado mountains just a good idea to stay inside. and taking a look at the numbers that finally came in today with the numbers from denver was record-setting. yesterday before midnight six.9 inches of snow, the most snow on the first day of february breaking an old record from 1886 and today the final tally came in at four.7 inches which sets a record for february 2nd, groundhog day, at four.three and when you add both of those numbers numbers together two-day total only two two day
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month, 11.6 inches of snow. we are already above our normal average for the entire month at seven.7 inches and by the way, last february we set the record of the most snow ever in february for denver at 22.11 inches. with the rest of the month to go we may be eyeing that record. temperatures today were cold. teens and twenties in the mountains and if a few thirties down to the south and east but everybody freezing today. 22 for denver. we need to get back to the forties. it will take several days was snow on the ground. guys are fast going 17 and 18 to the northwest at 6 miles per hour and you can see from highlands ranch at 11 to 16 in littleton 16 in brighton and everybody across the metro in the teens and that is pretty much the same up and down the front range and onto the eastern plains. temperatures are falling fast.
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our storm system lifts away. i want to point out that while the wind dies on the eastern plains we will see some wind flaring up here in the foothills so skies clear over the eastern plains. there will be some snow showers in the mountains but for us some passing clouds. chapters temperatures will be cold but we will do some melting. any snow in the mountains tonight on the about an inch or two of the flareup flare up there and it's flareup they are in dispute go to the day scattered snow showers. lows tonight single digits. it below in a lot of the mountains and we are going to about nine in denver and as we look up and down the front range cold twenties to the north and east. thirties and offend down the front range it would be nice to see the sunshine. there. temperatures and low twenties to cold twenties. we are getting into upper twenties in denver but again, with all the snow on the ground it's will feel it will be hard to feel like it is warming up
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twenties. nine is my forecast lowered the partly cloudy skies. watch out for the icy spots. we get above freezing on thursday than a week cold front brings us a little snow. not a lot. down to 34. saturday looks good. sunday's wendy in chile but dry and then more snow rolling back in tuesday and and tuesday and wednesday. >> layer up. a bank robbery suspect falsely accused but finds himself behind bars again. >> oxford one problem solvers update. why man was arrested again on a totally new charge. it was a journey for cj anderson to get to the nfl but the broncos running back is now playing in super bowl 50, which happens to be an hour and a half away from his high school. i am ro martinez in am ro martinez in vallejo california. we will introduce you to some of his teammates, coaches and heck,
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the field of candidates and in the presidential election is getting smaller tonight. mike huckabee and martin o'malley both dropping out. >> now we look to the future and colorado's role in choosing nominees after the iowa caucuses last night. here's to st. george. >> god bless the great state of iowa. [cheering] peaked. >> the iowa caucus is over.
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>> on to new hampshire. so long everybody. >> this race won't be decided anytime soon. >> we will transform this country. >> and colorado's snow snowy state capitol last night's victory for ted cruz of a donald trump and marco rubio and hillary clinton's slim victory over bernie sanders is influencing local politics. >> i think it is going to put a huge spotlight on colorado. >> representative joe salazar, a democrat who has not endorsed anyone, says sanders showing means colorado will matter in the march 1st caucus here will be competitive. sanders is raising a lot of money to keep going, even committing to speak alongside democratic party annual dinner a week from saturday. for republicans marco rubio strong finish along with the fact governor governors kasich bush and christie are expected to do well in new hampshire means colorado's unbound republican colorado's unbound republican delegates could be
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>> it is still a very close tight race. >> republican state state senator larry crowder also has not endorsed anyone explains colorado republicans won't be voting for the nominee this year. instead, 37 delegates will cast colorado's choice at the national convention. >> etiquette puts us in a better position the way we are. >> in short, thanks to iowa and attack ad may soon become into a be coming to a tv near you. boaters like voters like jim are happy we will matter. >> march 1st is the colorado caucus, part of super tuesday when 15 states across the country will be voting and we will be following it all. a routine dog walk turns into a tragedy for a pet owner in glendale. >> what a woman says let up to a shooting that left her dog dead, and why this may come down to a debate over a permit. a man said he has alibis that didn't prove did prove he didn't rob a bank but turns himself in on a new criminal
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why he is behind bars again. a happy ending for nail he
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no one should have to go through losing such a loved family member. >> a community outraged after a man opens fire in a dog while out on a walk. two owners, to homers, two
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yesterday evening peak at 1.1 of the dogs broke free and ran toward the other dog and that's when the owner pulled out a gun. you no 930 kevin torres live in glendale with all the details. >> reporter: depend upon who you ask, the answers are debatable but police tell us the owner of the one dog who had begun tried pulling the two dogs apart. he did shoot and kill a dalmatian mix. his dog is believed to be a german shepherd. >> almost everyone in this apartment complex has a dog. >> the apartments at cherry creek are full of people who love their pups. >> everybody is always walking their dogs around. you kind of no know everybody's dogs. >> so imagine the horror when residents were out and about witness to this. >> he had a small german shepherd and a small dog walked up his german shepherd and he shot the dog in the head multiple times. >> this person works in the veterinary field and has for years. >> the owner of the dog i could hear was screaming why did you
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did you shoot my dog. >> she was my best friend he was my best friend. he wasn't just a dog. he was my family. >> it was katharine weber's dog who was killed, a harmless dalmatian she said. >> and the fact that he had to die in such a horrific way by a man who thought it was necessary not to just fire warning shot but to shoot my dog in the face and four times in the abdomen. >> the police said the owner of the bigger dog believed to be a german shepherd fired several blogs and the smaller one in a residential area leaving some to wonder how much worse it could've been. >> especially in weather like this multiple shots he could've slipped and shot a kid. >> police say part of their investigation will rely on whether an investigation believes the smaller dog was a threat. working in that field this person says the smaller dog wasn't. >> a simple warning shot or there were a lot of people
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asked for help pulling the dogs
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